Hot Press Track of the Day: ZALI releases new single ‘Girls Like Us’

Girls Like Us Out Now

ZALI’s newest release is a celebration of strength in the face of heartbreak.

Irish Singer/Songwriter ZALI finds a new twist on losing love with her new single “Girls Like Us”. She explores how women are not alone in the pain of rejection and heartbreak and will find a supportive sisterhood in the wake of heartbreak.

Inspired by artists like Amy Winehouse, Toni Braxton, Frank Ocean and Duffy, ZALI uses her music to tell stories and to capture the true emotion behind the music.

Speaking about the creative process, the singer said: “Girls Like Us’ for me is an anthem to girls everywhere to just let go and be. After previously recording the track earlier in the year, I went back into the Studio to re-record the single after just recently going through some heartbreak to really capture every emotion I was feeling and ‘Girls Like Us’ to me was a reaffirmation that I will be okay. And that there are no rules, except living my best life for me. What I want with my music is to create a bond between me and my listeners through our shared experiences.”


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